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About VCA

Founded by former Coca-Cola executives, VCA has been coordinating national full-service soda, snack, and laundry programs for more than a decade.  VCA manages vending machine placement, handles ongoing service needs and provides a single, consolidated commission check with accompanying statement for all your locations.  As a vending management company, VCA offers clients two significant advantages over working with bottlers and / or vendors directly.

Focus on your core business – for companies with locations nationwide, coordinating vending at each location, ensuring consistent machine quality, consistent pricing, and consistent commissions earned is time-consuming.  By allowing VCA to manage your corporate vending program, you eliminate the administrative and financial burden associated with coordinating multiple vending companies, thereby allowing your personnel to focus on your core business. 

Maximized vending income - With VCA as your vending management company, there are no machine placement fees, no up-front costs, and no monthly fees.  VCA ensures a consistent, aggressive commission rate for all machines, and VCA provides a single check with detailed statement so that you do not have to keep track of dozens or even hundreds of commission checks.  Consolidated vending with VCA generates incremental revenue for your bottom line.

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